Former Student Ngayomi Muinao |

After my high school I could not raise money to join college but thanks to The Raingam Enterprises now I have an access to IT.

Former Student Alak Kapai |

Apart from the good course The Raingam Enterprises offer I was able to learn the basics of life since the year 2010.

Former Student Atim |

I joined The Raingam Enterprises five years ago. I was a school drop-out due to lack of school fees. The Raingam Enterprises provided me skills and knowledge on computer and now I manage my own computer school.

Former Student Asing Phungshok |

The Raingam Enterprises is the best place to be. Colleagues and supervisors are always ready to provide support.

Former Student Ibemcha Thokcham |

The staff at The Raingam Enterprises is well organized and so are the students. This makes it easy to work with.

Former Student Mary Raman |

The Raingam Enterprises is an eye opener. I didn't have any idea that the organization was helping the needy till I was recruited. Thanks to their networks, I have been able to get computer skills.