The Raingam Enterprises is a visionary organization with a child interest at heart. Initiated by young, skilled and optimistic volunteers with a primary aim of providing free computer education to the destitute, neglected and orphaned children in India. Through The Raingam Enterprises cultural diversity is seen as a tool to allow more room for interaction rather than neglecting. The ability to have a heterogeneous community in our environment has made it easy for our trainer to provide all and sundry with the same skills to enable them be better person in the society. The testimonies below give a clear indication of what The Raingam Enterprises has done and is still doing:

Former Student Kapangpam Ramsan |

This is my first year of study at The Raingam Enterprises and what I enjoy the most is the process of ideas transformation and the immense learning scope.

Former Student Wungchipem Raingam |

If you are truly interested in investing in your future, The Raingam enterprises will help you achieve your goals. learning scope.

Former Student Maphom Maza |

Being orphans was a setback but after joining The Raingam Enterprises and enrolling for computer classes things changed. M sister and I are now able to support ourselves comfortably.

Former Student Mungsing Phungshok |

After being selected as one of the beneficiaries of The Raingam Enterprises computer program, I decided to study more of IT.

Former Student Soreingam Khamrang |

3 years joining at TheRaingam Enterprises has indeed been a great experience. In fact it has been much better than the last 16 yrs I spent home doing nothing.

Former Student Khwewutso Wezah |

: I'm happy today after getting proper skills from The Raingam Enterprises. They have not only given me education but also mentored me.